Lev Walkin posted on Jun 25, 08:42

Image Thumbnails In Navigator

You have probably noticed our Navigator displaying movie poster frames. This is an example of our Ratings service set up to generate thumbnails. This feature can be useful for web photo galleries, where you want to display the most popular pictures across the album, or on a product description page, pictorially displaying the most popular products within some category. Read on >

Lev Walkin posted on May 27, 12:42

Site Subsection Moderation Explained

Our lightweight services are used by many high-profile web publishers and many thousands of individual blog owners to obtain instant feedback from site visitors. But are JS-Kit products truly ready for a real Web Enterprise? We know they are. Take our Comments or Reviews, for example. Over the past year, we've talked and listened to a number of large web publishers and accumulated a ton of features targeted specifically at the the high end web sector. This post is not about all these features, however. I want to focus on Subsection Moderation, a particular mechanism we have introduced for larger publishers like InfoWorld or KQED. Read on >

Lev Walkin posted on May 17, 12:42

Comments Service Features

Today is May 17, almost a year and a half after the first instance of JS-Kit Comments widget went out in the wild. The funny thing is, during this time we never had a chance to create a page summing up all the features of our commenting system. If you had an opportunity to add another feature rather than crafting a page describing all the magic you already have, what would be your choice? To make a long story short, here's a list of features... Read on >