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  1. open your favorite web authoring tool (e.g.: DreamWeaver, FrontPage, vi, etc)
  2. copy the code located in the text box at the top of this page into your web source code
  3. publish your page on the Internet
  4. visit the page, see Navigator in action on your site and configure your Editor's Picks right in the browser!


JS-Kit is pleased to announce Navigator! This first-of-its-kind, lightweight web service drives increased traffic, reduces bounce rates, increases overall pageviews and simplifies content management for web publishers. It does so by distilling community opinion and user behavior – both expressed and observed – into a set of flexible, intuitive filters, or "views", allowing site visitors to access site content based on their personal preferences. Site administrators can configure both the service’s look and feel, with preconfigured design skins, and the service itself, by adding/removing views (ie, tabs) or defining their own custom views through the service's novel "Editor's Picks" feature.

Views/Features (v.1):

  • Top - gives users access to the most popular objects (using weighted average user ratings collected by our Ratings and Reviews services)
  • Hot - links users to the most active objects (by number of actions/time measured by our Ratings, Comments and Reviews services)
  • Editor's Picks - gives publishers a tool for building custom views in the form of administrator-specified list of internal or external links
  • "Grab It" - viralizes a site's content and drives both new and return visits by allowing site visitors to embed a site’s Navigator elsewhere on the web

Benefits for web publishers:

  • decreases bounce rates, increases pageviews and simplifies content management
  • incredibly easy to deploy (think minutes)
  • viral distribution of content through "Grab It"
  • unmatched run-time performance and full data backup
  • seamless integration with your site using preconfigured design skins
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • and much more to come!

Benefits for web publishers:

  • dynamic, personalized browsing - direct access to a sites most popular, active or highlighted content via a simple, intuitive interface
  • portability – visitors can take the Navigator from any JS-Kit powered site for use on their own site, blog, etc.
  • and much more to come!

Navigator will see a stream of powerful new views and publisher controls added in coming weeks, including support for object "categories", views into JS-Kit Comments and Reviews, and much more. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, we'd love to hear your ideas for improving this, or any other, JS-Kit service.