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May 29
TechCrunch: JS-Kit Scores Deal With WorldNow, Adds 19 Million Potential Users
WorldNow has partnered with JS-Kit to provide them with a number of community based widgets that will be embedded across their sites.
May 1
TechCrunch: A Widget That Does Background Checks On Plumbers, Painters, Products, And More
Erick Schonfeld from TechCrunch writes about JS-Kit's newest service - Advisor - which brings ratings and reviews from trusted sources such as Experian and JD Power to businesses and product listings across the Web.
April 14
ReadWriteWeb: JS-Kit Score: Turn Your Site into a Localized Digg
Widget provider JS-Kit has released their latest widget this morning, Score. Score adds a thumbs up/thumbs down-style ratings widget to any page content, and then aggregates the data across the entire web site into an info box that can highlight a site's top content.
April 14
Mashable: JS-Kit Scores: Turn Your Site into a Digg Clone
If you're looking for a way to add voting capabilities to your site's content, JS-Kit has just added Score, which is similar to Digg's thumbs up/down voting feature.
April 2
Intruders TV: The Next Web: Khris Loux, CEO & co-founder of provides easy-to-integrate widgets such as ratings, comments and reviews that are today used by thousands of websites and blogs. In this interview, Khris Loux discusses the service and its monetization.
January 17
Top Hosting Center: Your Web Host Recommends JS-Kit, Tools For Richer Blogging
JS-Kit has transformed the simple widget into one of the most helpful blogging tools on the Web. In the past only high profile blogs could afford advanced comment and polling tools, but these refined widgets allow any blog advanced modules that are simple yet powerful.
January 3
TechCrunch: HaloScan Partners with JS-Kit to Distribute Ratings Widget
HaloScan, a company that provides easily deployable commenting systems for over 489,300 sites, has partnered with JavaScript module provider JS-Kit to provide its user base with "one-click" deployment of JS-Kit's ratings widget.
December 6
Profy: JS-Kit Navigator Is A Win-Win Widget
JS-Kit [...] has just released another fantastic tool for Web publishers called Navigator . As far as I know this is the first lightweight service of its kind designed to increase traffic and retention while simplifying content management for publishers.
December 5
Mashable: Blogging Utility: JS-Kit to Deploy Navigator
[JS-Kit will] be announcing the launch of Navigator, a lightweight web service that is intended to simplify content managment and raise quality traffic for web publishers by setting up filters (or "views", as JS-Kit calls them) for site visitors.
December 5
CenterNetworks: JS-Kit Launches the Navigator Widget; Aims To Increase Traffic And Simplify Management
I am a big believer in getting people from the home page deep into a site or blog. The Navigator helps do this by exposing content that could be years old but is either the most popular or the most active.
November 8
Simply Basic: JS-Kit Helps Publishers Up The Integrity: My Interview with CEO Khris Loux
In this interview, Mr. Loux detailed the mass upgrade of the commenting widget, which now includes SPAM protection, back end moderation, Google indexing, and much more.
November 2
Adotas: JS-Kit Helps Publishers Up The Integrity
Along with their [JS-Kit's] easy to install, easy to read ratings widgets, Comments Plus, makes it easier for a site to regulate what comments are being shown without having to sift through each one.
October 31
CMS WiRE: JS-Kit Builds Enterprise-Class Widgets with Amateur Ease
JS-Kit has just released a new Comments widget that boasts lots of important features but is disturbingly easy to implement and use.
October 3
Profy: JS-Kit Reveals The Evolution of the Widget
JS-Kit services are truly enterprise class, fully secure and controllable modules for ratings, polls, comments and other interactive services.
September 28
Center Networks: JS-Kit to Launch New Widgets and Comment Updates
September 20
InfoWorld: JS-Kit at TechCrunch40
A video interview with Khris Loux, the CEO of JS-Kit.
August 25
Jat Speak: Commenting takes a new robe
JS-Kit scores for simplicity and flexibility.
August 14
American Venture Magazine: JS-Kit and the Robin Hood Revenue Model Demystified
How JS-Kit will drive revenue from free widgets.
August 13
Startup Reporter: JS-Kit: the no-techie's widget-slash-bestfriend for a more dynamic website
JS-Kit makes possible to build rich, interactive web site features with total ease.
August 13
Article Blotter: Customizable Widgets Bring Interactivity to Websites in a Most Democratic Way -- No Cost and Ad Free
Fully customizable widgets are a means of combatting that boredom, allowing any web site to possess the feature asserts is an essential trait for a successful website.
August 8
TechCrunch: From Garage to Cubicle: JS-Kit Closes $1.2 Million Seed Round
JS-Kit's library of widgets make it dead simple to add interactivity to your site.
June 18
Venture Itch: JS-Kit rolls out new widgets
... administrators get clear and valuable information allowing them to better optimize JS-Kit services on their site.
Killer Startups: JS-Kit Web 2.0 Widgets Made Easy
Insertion of a single line of HTML will make your site the height of 2.0 cool; the best part is, no registration is required, it's fully customizable, and it's free.
May 2
Sticki Widgets: Easy Ratings for Your Site from JS-Kit
Integrating with our Ajax site only required one additional line of code (3 total). It doesn't get much easier [than] that.
GeekedInfo: JS-Kit Easy Web 2.0 Widgets
It's painfully simple to include their widgets on your site. Can you copy and paste? Good, that's about all you'll need.
April 25
The Perfect Balance: Rankings and Comments on Your Site in a Second
JS-Kit provides rich interactive features for your site and it's as easy as copying and pasting a line of text. And it's free. Sounds to good to be true but it is true.
April 23
TechCrunch: JS-Kit: Web 2.0 For Lazy People
JS-Kit has been creating more widgets making adding user interaction to any site dead simple (2 lines of code per widget).
April 19
Venture Itch: Another polling script
I love scripts of - their simplicity and hassle free installation don't leave much chance for competition.
April 18
Venture Itch: Comments and Ratings Tools
... comments script by itself is a wonderful example of elegant impementation ...
April 17
O’Reilly: Seeing Stars; JS-Kit Launches Free Ratings Web-Service (press announcement)
December 18
LinuxWorld: Ten Web 2.0 APIs you can really use
One of my favorite APIs is a tool called
November 29
TechCrunch: Quick Embed Code to Add Comments To Any Site
That way you could have a photo page with unique comment threads for each picture.