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  1. open your favorite web authoring tool (e.g.: DreamWeaver, FrontPage, vi, etc)
  2. copy two lines of code located in the text box at the top of this page into your web page
  3. publish your page on the Internet
  4. give yourself a star or five!


The best content on most web sites and blogs gets buried as new content is added. JS-Kit's Ratings service solves this problem by uncovering and displaying your top content. It lets your visitors rate your merchandise items, services, pictures, blog entries, or any other objects on your site.

The service can be used in two modes, either as a 5-star rating widget or a thumb-up/-down widget and is incredibly easy to install on any static or dynamic web page.

Benefits for visitors:

  • express opinions quickly and easily
  • intuitive, graphical view of community opinion
  • ability to change one's personal opinion at any time
  • seeing how other people rate the components of the site
  • saving your recent favorites in the "My" tab

Benefits for web publishers:

  • collect valuable data about your audience's tastes and preferences
  • use your best content to keep visitors engaged
  • enables dynamic discovery based on community opinion (see Navigator)
  • works automatically to keep your site fresh so you can focus on the hard work of getting new content
  • robust operation and full data backup
  • built-in protection to reduce fraudulent voting
  • customizable presentation
  • service statistics
  • cross-browser compatibility

This is a quick list of the Ratings' most remarkable capabilities, for a complete list see the Ratings documentation.