Advisor gives consumers visibility into the information they need to make a decision at the point of transaction — the right info, right there, right now — without having to leave the current website.

With a simple mouse-over or click, consumers are shown a snapshot of a specific product, item or service-provider of interest that may include financial background, professional product reviews, possible judgments, as well as the swirl of user-generated comments and ratings as provided in other JS-Kit web services.

The exact content will depend on the object itself. For example, the info on a plumbing contractor might contain financial background, bond and judgments information from Experian, while a stereo or car might show a snapshot of J.D. Power's product report for that item.

Benefits for publishers, e-commerce sites, directories and data providers:

Benefits for visitors/users:

Advisor challenges the static paradigm of the "website" and tears down obstacles to the free flow of information.