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Lev Walkin posted on May 17, 12:42
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Today is May 17, almost a year and a half after the first instance of JS-Kit Comments widget went out in the wild. The funny thing is, during this time we never had a chance to create a page summing up all the features of our commenting system. If you had an opportunity to add another feature rather than crafting a page describing all the magic you already have, what would be your choice?

To make a long story short, here's a list of features. I can guarantee there's something missing from this list, but at least this is a good starting point.

A nice ice breaker for a new JS-Kit Blog too!

Deployment and support

  • No need to authenticate to leave a comment
  • Lightweight, script-based integration
  • Dedicated on-line support

User features

  • Threaded or flat comments
  • Comment sorting and ordering by date, name, karma
  • Native avatars support
  • Rich Text formatting (HTML and WYSIWYG modes)
  • Straightforward embedding of YouTube videos
  • Delete your comments
  • Receive comments and reply straight to thread via email
  • Community scoring (Karma), i.e., "Like this comment? [yes] [no]" thing.
  • Automatic community moderation: "Mark as offensive"
  • TrackBack and PingBack support

Customization and Administration

  • Fully customizable with CSS
  • Customizable fields and layout with templates
  • Customizable presentation (i.e., full in-line, pagination)
  • Integrated, object-level 5-Star Ratings (Also available as "Reviews" with greater integration)
  • Pre-moderation: all comments pre-moderated or only comments from new users
  • Post-moderation: blocking by multiple IPs, name, etc.
  • Global (single point) or "inline" moderation
  • Multi-moderator support for configurable subsections of the site
  • Obscenity filter (admin-defined)

Security, Authentication and Data Access

  • Automatic SPAM protection via Akismet
  • OpenID or cookie-based authentication
  • Publisher control of comment data (RSS, export example)
  • Ability to switch CMS platforms without losing comments
  • Safe HTML subset support
  • Automatic browser detected language support for English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German and a dozen more