October 9


JS-Kit’s Widget-Enabled Web Services, Site and Tech Support Now Serving Spanish-Language Web Publishers

BURLINGAME, CA — October 9 — JS-Kit (www.js-kit.com), a leading provider of web services, today announced that each of its lightweight, community-enabling web services is now fully localized and supported in Spanish.

Web publishers that want rich, interactive features for their Spanish-language sites can now deploy any or all of JS-Kit’s services – including Comments, Ratings, Reviews, Polls and Top Rated – in Spanish, in just minutes, simply by cutting and pasting a few lines of HTML from the JS-Kit.com site. If they need help with deploying or customizing these services, Spanish technical support from JS-Kit is now just an email away.

“One of the great benefits of Web 2.0 is that it lowers the technical and financial barriers to adding rich community features,” says JS-Kit CEO Khris Loux. “We’re just taking this philosophy one step further by breaking down the language barrier between Spanish-speaking publishers and JS-Kit. Our goal is to become the global leader in community-focused web services.”

JS-Kit’s 8,000 publishers have actively participated in this vision by providing translations for the Comments service into Russian, Japanese, Norwegian, German, Chinese, French, Lithuanian and Portuguese.

Lev Walkin, JS-Kit’s Co-founder and CTO, has both personal and technical reasons for pushing the localization effort. A Russian immigrant, Walkin knows first hand the challenges that old-school, English-only products can pose for non-English speaking developers. Says Walkin, “Web services are particularly well suited to localization in multiple languages because a user’s browser reveals their language preference automatically and individual services require little, if any, modification, aside from basic translation.”

In the USA alone, the Spanish speaking population – currently 40 million - is already larger than the entire population of Canada. In South and Central America, with a combined population of almost 400 million, Internet usage is still approximately 20% and is growing 4-5 times faster than in North America (www.internetworldstats.com). Despite these trends, less than 1% of US-based websites offer a Spanish version, much less Spanish language support.

About JS-Kit

JS-Kit.com provides ultra-lightweight, feature-specific content and community services for any site via a hosted platform. The company’s services offer unparalleled ease of implementation and a compelling combination of power and affordability. JS-Kit empowers publishers by delivering must-have features, promoting rich interactivity and building community and customer knowledge.