April 11

Seeing Stars!

JS-Kit Launches Free Ratings Web Service

JS-Kit today announced release of its much-anticipated "JS-Ratings" service, which lets sites add the universally recognized, 5 star-scaled feedback feature to any site simply by pasting the following lines of html into their web-page or site template:

<div class="js-kit-rating"></div>
<script src="https://js-kit.com/ratings.js"></script>

Offered completely free of charge, JS-Ratings is available as a stand alone service or integrated alongside the existing JS-Comments service. Both versions drive traffic, stickiness and a sense of community by encouraging users to offer their considered (and valuable) opinions on virtually any object, whether a pair of shoes, a restaurant or a blogger's most recent musings. With several off the shelf configurations available, the service is also easily customizable to complement a site's existing look and feel at www.js-kit.com.

By leveraging these and other forthcoming JS-Kit services, sites can add Amazon-class functionality quickly, painlessly and without the risks and headaches associated with custom development. In addition, as the user network grows, sites can choose to display all comments or ratings about a specific object, regardless of their origin, or just those submitted on their site, thus extending the value of a rapidly growing network to every user. This approach also allows sites to filter content that they may deem offensive without limiting others' ability to access this content. Users can choose to access and manage their own contributions, or those of others, on www.js-kit.com, which increases freedom of expression and transparency and helps users to distinguish authentic user-generated content from the proliferation of disingenuous marketing materials dressed up as such. JS-Kit is currently developing a suite of free 2.0 services as well as "community management" services that will let organizations access and integrate real-time, aggregated and unfiltered user knowledge and opinion directly into their business processes.

JS-Kit is founded on the belief that content control should lie with its creator and that organizational competitiveness increasingly depends on accessing and integrating - not manipulating or controlling - community opinion. "Today's web, especially in eCommerce, looks way too much like a strip mall, with tons of small shops struggling to compete with a few dominant players" says JS-Kit CEO Khris Loux, "We have a different vision; one where small and mid-size sites can compete collectively with the likes of Amazon and eBay without buying into their "company town" model. JS-Kit's services help level the playing field by giving small and mid-sized sites the advantages of size and scale that Tier 1 eCommerce players enjoy." Already over 2,500 sites are using JS-Kit services to level the playing field with today's eCommerce giants.

About JS-Kit

JS-Kit is a forward-looking web-services company based in the Bay Area. The company is building the next generation of user-generated content and community management solutions designed to empower individuals as well as organizations that seek to compete by accessing and understanding, not controlling, community knowledge.