June 18

JS-Kit Releases Two New Web Services

"Top-Rated" and "Dashboard" Join the Suite

San Francisco, CA - JS-Kit (www.js-kit.com) today announced the release of two additional web services, a Top-Rated badge and administrator’s Dashboard, to complement its existing Comments, Ratings, and Polls offerings. These services, each of which can be deployed with surprising ease by administrators with only basic knowledge of html, allow any site to benefit from rich, interactive and integrated features of the sort that only large and well-supported websites could previously afford. Combined with the additional advantages of a shared platform – scalability, data security, spam filtering, etc. – JS-Kit’s ultra-lightweight web services function as building blocks for deployment of truly enterprise-class web applications, thus leveling the online playing field and allowing small and medium-sized sites to compete head-to-head with the online "big boxes".

The Top-Rated badge, which shows up as a box on a web page, lets sites optimize their content around valuable user-feedback by showing highly-rated or "hot" objects on their homepage or wherever they want. The list of top-rated objects is based on data collected by the Ratings and/or integrated Comments+Ratings features. A threshold amount of votes is required before a topic is considered for inclusion in the listing on a Top-Rated badge. From this badge, users get a valuable summary of community opinion and can navigate directly to highlighted objects. For managers, the Top-Rated badge removes the need to continually re-organize site content to keep up with user opinion.

Website administrators also benefit from JS-Kit’s new Dashboard, an analytic tool which aggregates and graphically displays how JS-Kit services such as Ratings, Comments, and Polls, are viewed and used on their site. Through this simple yet powerful tool, administrators get clear and valuable information allowing them to better optimize JS-Kit services on their site.

"By leveraging a shared platform to deploy customized services, feature sets and functionality that were once prohibitively costly to build or buy are now within everyone’s reach," says JS-Kit CEO, Khris Loux. "Management and administrative tools such as Dashboard will be crucial if web services are to reach their transformative potential."

Even as Dashboard is launched, JS-Kit already has plans for a series of functional upgrades, none of which will require anything of site administrators yet all of which highlight the robustness and flexibility that web-services have to offer. Similarly, JS-Kit will continue to build on the Top-Rated badge, and will soon roll out an opt-in, ad-bearing version of that feature which will actually pay sites for deploying JS-Kit based on a highly attractive revenue-sharing model. Affordable subscription and "white-label" offerings will also soon be available to those who prefer unbranded and/or non ad-bearing services.

About JS-Kit

JS-Kit is a web-services company that is revolutionizing the way sites are deployed. Our simple, modular and fully customizable web-services, also known as "widgets", are fast becoming the building blocks of rich, interactive online experiences for leading-edge web sites. These solutions are self-service, elegant, powerful, and easily deployed by HTML neophytes, experts and everyone in between. We empower sites to compete by accessing and understanding, not controlling, community knowledge.