October 5

JS-Kit Launches Enterprise-Ready Comments Service

BURLINGAME, CA October 5 — JS-Kit (www.js-kit.com), a leading provider of community-enabling web services, today released a powerful new version of its popular Comments service (www.js-kit.com), which makes sites instantly more dynamic and interactive. New administrative tools and user features add depth and power to JS-Kit’s original service; now part of a fully integrated suite that includes Ratings, “Top Rated”, Reviews and Polls, each of which can be deployed in just minutes.

Developed with direct input from JS-Kit’s largest customers, the new Comments service gives site administrators the tools they need to manage larger, more complex commenting applications as well as crucial data access and SEO functionality.

“Early feedback on our new Comments service has been overwhelmingly positive,” said JS-Kit CEO, Khris Loux. “Our first Comments service was perfect for smaller sites, such as most blogs, but we’re now seeing strong adoption by much larger organizations. With their most pressing needs now met, larger sites are quickly realizing the compelling technical and business benefits of outsourcing. We have a slew of similar upgrades in the works for our other services as well.” JS-Kit currently serves over 8000 publishers, large and small, worldwide.

About JS-Kit

JS-Kit provides ultra-lightweight, feature-specific content and community services for any site via a hosted platform. The company’s services offer unparalleled ease of implementation and a compelling combination of power and affordability. JS-Kit empowers publishers by delivering must-have features, promoting rich interactivity and building community and customer knowledge.