Do you have a website that you wish you could provide more interaction to your visitors? Yes, you probably do and then you think, well how much will it cost to add that functionality to my website? So, you call around to a couple of local web companies and then you find out, holy smokes that is expensive. Well I found the perfect fit for this sort of need.

JS-Kit provides rich interactive features for your site and it’s as easy as copying and pasting a line of text. And it’s free. Sounds to good to be true but it is true. JS-Kit is growing a suite of widgets that will help site owners optimize their website content. The current widget suite consists of comments, five-star ratings, and a polling widget. Here is an example of the polling widget.

 The comments and ranking widget is very slick as well. If you are using a blogging system or a CMS that does not allow for comments and you want this functionality, definitely check out JS-Kit. You can see how I integrated the comments/rankings widget over at our YourTeam Online Chiefs Blog. Please also read the 100k factory revolution review.
For the official website, visit