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Blogs have very big impact on successful Online businesses and therefore they are one of the e-Commerce cornerstones. Real-Time Commenting System is must have for Bloggers. The good commenting system increases the quality and quantity of reader interaction on your blog. Comments from readers are an integral part of it – and should be as simple and effective as possible. We will take a look at the JS-Kit real time commenting system for eCommerce blogs. It’s available for all the blogs on WordPress platform, which is the base for WooCommerce eCommerce platform.

Real-time Commenting System

JS-Kit Commenting System for better e-Commerce User Experience

The js-kit comment system is available for many different platforms and can be integrated into any website. Also for WordPress there is a Disqus plugin. The goal of the js-kit e-commerce commenting plugin is to significantly improve interaction and readiness to comment and reduce spam. The rough corners:

To be able to comment on the js-kit module, each reader has to log in once to js-kit. Login must be verified by e-mail or through a social network profile (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus). Once registered and logged in to Disqus, a reader can comment on any website that uses the js-kitcomment system without having to log again. The name of a commenter links to the js-kit profile, not to the website that he has deposited. So you can give your readers the direct opportunity to draw attention to their website through helpful comments (but the website can be stored in the profile). On the other hand, the “real” comments that contribute to the topic and the discussion. The moderation of the comments takes place directly on the js-kit website. The more blogs and websites use js-kit, the more useful it becomes. Existing comments can be synchronized from WordPress to js-kit, and Disqus comments can also be downloaded into the own WordPress database, so switching between the systems is possible. Disqus on Blog for positive Impact on eCommerce part

Advantages of the js kit comment system

Proper established commenting system on your WordPress Blog will have very positive effect on your e-Commerce part as well. More people will visit your blog, and therefore your online store will get more visitors. The fact that a login is required and this must also be verified, spam is reduced. Commenting is much easier and less time-consuming for registered users – so many bloggers report much higher readiness to comment and interact. Disqus offers many other possibilities, e.g., integrating images in comments. Ability to display (and monetize) related articles below the comment field, for example, by advertising other pages.

Disadvantages of js kit for WordPress

The required login can be a hurdle for new commenters, and the enrollment process is a bit frustrating, because you do not immediately recognize that you need to register to comment. Disqus could collect user data across different websites, because it can be recognized by the login user. Loading Disqus takes a little more time than the WordPress’s own comment system, and can slightly affect your site’s loading time.

However, if you run eCommerce Business, you definitely should use a kind of real-time commenting solution for your Blog. Check out https://7figurecycles.tumblr.comfor more details.

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