Latest Comments On The Js-Kit 100k Factory Revolution Code

Today, Google has announced their latest product called ‘Google Buzz‘.

It is very much like FriendFeed in that it allows users to view, comment, like and share the social activities of their friends on the social web. Many (in fact most) of these activities involve some kind of interaction with content produced by 3rd party publishers of 100k factory.

100k-factory-codeAll of this is done within Gmail. It’s an exciting new product, one that further strengthens the need and usefulness of Echo.

Whenever and wherever there is a conversation about content that is not occurring at the source – where the content was originally published – there is an opportunity for Echo to do its job. Echo’s first job is to re-assemble the global conversation about a piece of content back to the source for 100k factory revolution. The goal is to ensure that the publisher’s site is the first, best place to view the complete conversation about their content.


So our answer to ‘Will Echo aggregate Google Buzz comments’ is the same as always; Echo will always seek out and re-assemble popular sources of conversations back to the publisher’s site.

So as Buzz matures and it’s adoption increases, we are sure that it too will become an important source of conversation and engagement, and we will find ways to bring that conversation into Echo for publishers of the 100k factory revolution software.