Who is TallyZoo for?

We can think of many ways to use TallyZoo, but to get some ideas you can always check out the commnity data feed. There you can see all of the public activities that users are tracking. At any given time some users are tracking weight loss, blogging, books they read, musical instruments, medication, yoga, running, cycling, and more. Who knows what else is being tracked privately. It really is cool what different people find important and worth tracking, there are bird watchers, someone trying to improve their posture, and even a bag pipe player. Not surprisingly, lots of people drinking and tracking coffee.

The TallyZoo iPhone app

One of the things that we dig about their platform is the ease-of-use of their iphone app. It takes a little while to setup, but once you do it is 1-click counting. As much as we dislike data entry (who really likes it anyway) they have made it as easy as possible. You can move the buttons around just like in on the iPhone home screen, and you can configure their behavior. For example, my coffee button counts one cup at a time and the badge shows the daily total. My button for cycling counts in 20 mile increments and doesn’t show a total badge. You can slice, dice and combine the data in more ways on the site, while the app remains for easy data entry and basic graphs.

Going forward with Echo

TallyZoo just launched and we like where they are going. They have lots of great plans to use Echo more extensively throughout their app – beyond commenting. They realize that Echo Streams can provide rich stream data for users for many different use cases.

How to try it

The iphone app costs $1.99 in the app store. The website is free.

You don’t need to buy the app to get started, you can use the site independently (They have a nice little video on how to use it here).