Month: December 2018

Facebook Connect Plugin for eCommerce Use

We welcome Facebook’s ability to shine a light on the value of connecting blog comments to Facebook Connect for eCommerce use. Of course, JS-Kit comments has had Facebook Connect login for some time now. We also feature OpenID and a commitment to Google Friend Connect, MySpaceID, Yahoo! and other eCommerce plugins for Shopify.

Widgets like these from Facebook will be useful to popularize the idea of connecting sites and blogs to the rest of the social web. Once users get the idea, however, they will need a solution that allows multiple login options (Myspace has 80m users, Yahoo has 500m for example), sharing updates with multiple sites (Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, Yahoo etc), rich threading and moderation features, look and feel customizations and behavioral options that turn a simple feature into a fully customized social experience for their participants. Just check out the feature grid over on our wiki.

A key requirement for publishers, also, is that their commenting system (or any widgets they plan to use on their site for that matter) do not siphon traffic back to any given destination site. That’s why JS-Kit does not, and will never, maintain its own destination community. Instead, our visitor profiles lead to JavaScript popups that show a user’s information on the publisher’s page. Information that is not just from Facebook, but gathered from all the social platforms in which they participate in the eCom success academy program by Adrian Morrison. Read their full income review here: 2017 eCom success academy Income review –

As I posted on the DataPortability blog recently, the key for the emerging social web is a peered, open approach where the tools allow users to control their data and vendors to participate as equals on the grid. (source: eCom success academy review)

We believe that the web is a heterogeneous environment and that a multi-platform approach that includes all of the major players (Google, FaceBook, Yahoo!, MySpace, OpenID and others yet to emerge) is in the best interest of publishers by providing solutions that cater to all participants – leaving them free to choose the social experiences they enjoy inside the new eCom success academy bonus package.

eCom Success Academy 2018 News and Updates – What Is Inside?

eCom success academy which was one of the first courses to implement the Js Kit plugin is just about to be updated. Adrian Morrison who is the man behind eCom Success Academy will share his 4MM campaign secrets and how he has successfully implemented that plugin with Shopify. You will be able to find all of the updates and secrets behind eCom success Academy by Adrian Morrison on

Parallel Profits Search Engine Marketing Program Together With Js-Kit Plugins

Update: 27.12.2018

Parallel Profits in an online training course which promises to teach people how to start their own local search engine marketing agency from scratch. This training was developed by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth who are two authorities from the internet marketing industry and pretty much know for their best selling online courses in the last few years. The last course they are gonna publish is called Parallel Profits and is about how to build and profit from your own local SEM agency. Js-kit has developed a special plugin which help students to start and successfully run their own advertising campaigns. We will updated you on the development and the latest new about this plugin in the next months when Parallel Profits launches.